Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So, Finally, Happy New Year!

This is the informal end of a pretty long New Year holidays in Russia.

Well, in fact, days off were over on Monday, January 12, however this night we celebrate (not exactly celebrate, yet informally observe) the Old New Year.

This evident oxymoron has a pretty long history in Russia (and not only here).

Our Russian story began back in 1918, when the next day after January 31 there was February 14. Thus by a Lenin's decree the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic adopted the Gregorian calendar ("new style") instead of the Julian one ("old style").

By the way and however, the Bolsheviks had no power over our Orthodox Church; it has still been keeping the Julian calendar, so we celebrate Christmas on January, 7. As a result, Orthodox people are led into temptation of celebratimg the "official" New Year during the Native Fast.

Anyhow, now the season's holiday are finally totally over in Russia. 2015 has fully come, and my congratulations go to all those for whom it matters!

Mother Russia, now it's high time to get back to business!

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