Saturday, January 03, 2015

What Are the Torchlights About?

On January, 1 there was a torchlight procession in Kiev (or Kyiv, if you wish to pretend Ukrainian speaking) officially devoted to 106th birtday of Stepan Bandera.

I have studied the post-New Year European news on CNN, but there's nothing about it (however, they devoted enough air time to Navalny's sentence and a totally failed attempt of protest in Moscow). There is one report on BBC, though. They say "Ukrainian nationalists have marched through Kiev to honour the World War Two anti-Soviet leader Stepan Bandera".

First of all, two misconceptions are in the very beginning of the report. Neither Bandera was just a WW2 leader, nor he was just anti-Soviet. Being a total political loser personally, he was a Polish by nationality (while Ukrainian by ethnicity) terrorist well before the WW2, one who agressively revived the OUN, having created its radical wing OUN-B ('B' for Bandera), which in turn established the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army).

These armed formations were ideologically were 100 per cent Nazi; the only difference with much more powerful German Nazi's was that OUN/UPA were Ukrainian Nazi's. And the little brother acted just like the big one, making genocidal ethnical cleansings. Jews and Slavs were main enemies of German Nazi's; Poles and Moskals (read Russians) were main enemies of Ukrainian Nazi's.

Only during Volhynia Massacre OUN/UPA cleansed the land from up to 60,000 Poles (and many Armenians who compactly lived there since medieval times, many Russians and Ukrainians who were guilty in not supporting radical Ukrainian nationalism). By the way, the first and only Polish cosmonaut (or astronaut, for the matter) Mirosław Hermaszewski is one of lucky survivors of this massacre.

Well, let's go back to Kiev. Here is a short 3.5 minutes video from the procession. What are they chanting?

— To whom does Ukraine belong?
— To Ukrainians! *

— To whom does Kyiv belong?
— To us!

— Glory to Ukraine!
— Glory to heroes! **

— Ukraine [is]...
— Above all! ***

— Bandera, Shukhevich are
          heroes of people,
                    they fought
                              for our freedom!

— Glory to the nation!
— Death to the enemies!

Sapienti sat.

* The word 'Ukrainian' just like 'Russian' is often intentionally or unintentionally misconcepted. Please read one of my previous posts on the matter.
** Official formal salute of the OUN/UPA, a Nazi slogan as it is.
*** Just a tranlsation of their iconic formula "Deutschland über alles".

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