Thursday, January 01, 2015

Failure of Maidan in Moscow

Just before the New Year, on December 30, there was a sudden attempt to arrange something like 'EuroMaidan' in Moscow. Initially, the organizers of anti-Putin movement planned their activity to January 15, when the announcement of sentence to fraudster Alexey Navalny (for some unknown to me reasons chosen by some powers as one of "opposition" leaders in Moscow) was expected.

However, the great master of political games Vladimir Putin seems to overplay again his adversaries. The announcement was moved to December 30, and "oppo's" had to act quickly.

Playing bad games in a hostile surrounding (do not forget, Putin enjoys close to 85% support from our people) can seldom be successful, and our "opposition" failed epically! I do not exactly now how many people did they succeed to conscript for participating in their meeting (in social networks the activity can be traced under hash-tag #Манежка, that is Manezhnaya Square in the centre of Moscow), maybe 3,000, maybe even 5,000 — it just doesn't matter in our multi-million city. What does, however, that is a perfect job done by our police, which quickly and effectively terminated the unauthorized meeting, having arrested some most aggressive participants.

What a pleasure it is to read tweets of the kind for us, pro-Russian Russians :)

Here what it says:
#Navalny #Manezhka, need [video] taking at Ritz! The OMON has humiliated citizens, turning them out by kicks of special boots. Not only me alone. My ass hurts as hell. I will sue
Ritz is a hotel situated quite close to Manezhnaya Square in the very beginning of Tverskaya, former Gorky Street, on the place of previous Intourist hotel; the OMON is a police special team that perfectly acted as a punishing sword boot of democracy.

"My ass hurts as hell" — this is more or less what expects all those stupid idiots who think Russia needs some Ukrainian style maidan. Whoever is the US ambassador to Russia, whoever they choose as oppo-leaders in Russia, they have failed now, and will do in the future.

We won't let anybody to destroy our country.

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