Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meanwhile in Russia: A Proud Father...

I am!

On Sunday authorities presented the name of Stanislav Zhuk, the legendary Soviet figure skating (well, I promised I would touch this theme as well) coach, to the Figure Skating Specialized Children and Youth School of the Olympic Reserve at CSKA in Moscow.

My younger son Alexander has been attending this school for about 10 years (and practising figure skating since 4 in general) with a certain success — anyhow, he has been in the Wikipedia for years already, and I am not :-), — so the news is kind of special for me as well.

Here is my photo from the official ceremony.

From left to right: Alexander Zaytsev, unknown woman, Irina Rodnina, unknown girl, Nina Zhuk, unknown woman (behind), Elena Vodorezova; all supervised from the banner behind by my son Alexander (name signed in Cyrillic).
Photo © Vladimir Samarin

By the way, Elena Vodorezova is now the chief coach of Alexander Samarin, and you can imagine we are not only proud of it, but expect more successes in the future.

And one more photo to add:

Alexander is training on the ice of the CSKA training rink under a huge banner depicting best skaters, including himself (upper right field at the star with the school's name.
Photo © Vladimir Samarin
So you see, in addition to all my merits and virtues I am also a proud father!

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