Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Madhouse News: Phone Calls Ban & Ukrainian Voodoo

1. A wonderful yesterday's piece from Tatiana Rychkova, Dnipropetrovsk, an activist-volunteer of the Ukrainian army support movement.

I state officially. I won't publish reports on the wounded and killed in action. Call morale officers of the brigades, it's their job. I am ready to inform relatives of [the soldiers of] the brigades under my care, that in fact I do all the time. But after I announced there had been some wounded*, there started endless telephone calls of the relatives to soldiers, taking their minds away. And instead of performing their military missions they calmed down their wives and moms. The war is on and, unfortunately, there will be more wounded. Yet to stop this nightmare as soon as possible, it is necessary to let the soldiers perform their duty. Phone talks should be prohibited, and there will be less casualties (this is my opinion, maybe I am wrong).
For me, it's a great pity that the very simplest idea to stop the war "to stop this nightmare" does not strike her head at all. Let there be the life-saving cell-phone talks prohibition.

2. Also yesterday there was an explosion in Kharkiv/Kharkov. The image below depicts a, let's say, an artifact found on site.

From the news report on a radical pro-Ukraine media.
The investigators described the thing as "a plastic wrapped knitted toy-looking subject in colours of the Russian state flag and St. George's ribbon"** and evidently spent hours finding more traces of the Russia's accompliceship.

The answer came in Facebook.

Mila Milovich published a photo and wrote:
Anton Geraschenko (a deputy to the Supreme Rada, Ukrainian parliament, and an advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior, — the author's note), a big request, please do a rebuttal, the self-made doll found — is a thing OUR girls prepared for an auction and lost on site. It has no relation to the separs***. Thanks.
It's that simple — a doll knitted for an auction in favour of the Ukrainian army bravely fighting 'separs' and 'kolorads' in a civil war they hypocritically call the Anti-Terrorist Operation, ATO, yet sufferning from the lack of support from its own government.

While the USA and the EU support the Kiev regime with more and more billions of dollars and euro — verbally in most cases, — it looks like the pro-Ukrainian volunteers started to rely on some voodooist magic.

We will see how it works.

* In the oiginal message (by the way, in pure Russian language) she uses slang "300" instead of the word "wounded". Since the USSR military campaign in Afghanistan (1979—1989) the Soviet Russian military codewords for the KIA — "the 200th", and the WIA — "the 300th" have become widely known and used across the territory of the former USSR. From here the "cargo 200" came — initially a closed all-metal coffin with remains of a killed soldier being delivered to his home for a funeral; now the meaning has expanded to "killed soldiers" in general.

** In Ukraine, the ribbon of St. George became a symbol and distinction sign for those who stand against Ukrainian Nazism. Due to some resemblance of its colours with the Colorado potato beetle, people wearing it (or sharing anti-Banderist ideology) are often called 'kolorad', which is a derogatory and offensive definition from the pro-Ukrainian viewpoint.

*** "Separ" is a colloquial word for 'separatist' used in Ukraine. All those who stand against the Kiev/Kyiv regime are deemed as 'separs' and 'kolorads', subhumans who do not let Ukraine live a prosperous and wealthy life, and whose lives worth nothing.

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