Monday, January 26, 2015

Poroshenko: the President or a Bullshitter?

Well, in my opinion he is definitely a bullshitter, albeit at the same time a puppet of some powerful (and evidently foreign) master.

Here is his tweet from his offcial Twitter account.

I repeat.

This is his official tweet. His, that is of the president of, if my knowledge of geography does not fail me, the largest European country with population of 40+ million people.

So the world is definitely to wake up. Wake up and do something: such a great country, the second largest splinter of the USSR, is ruled by a pure bullshitter.

Were Russia invade Ukraine in fact, it should be his first and direct duty as the president to declare war and announce mobilization. Somewhere from Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk, because the Ukrainian territory up to the river Dnieper would be cleared of the Kiev regime "forces" in no time. Maybe two or three days. Well, a week — in case the Russian army would act absolutely lazy.

He is not Dmitro Tymchuk from the "Informational Resistance" who has killed dozens thousands of Russian military, some elite airborne regiments, plenty of spetsnaz units, hundreds of pro-Kadyrov Chechens and even the "armoured militia from the Altai". For Mr. Tymchuk that kind of bullshit is forgivable: it's just his business, to create a special informational field within the country to keep citizens zombified.

However, Mr. Poroshenko is the top official of the country, supposedly being in charge of his words and deeds.

So did Russia invade Ukraine?

The only possible reply is" "LOL, definitely not!"

The only possible question is:

How long will the so called world community tolerate Poroshenkoand forgive him his trespasses?

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