Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One More Tall Widescreen Tale

Coming soon to movie theaters, based on the best-selling novel...

Look, Avatar is undoubtedly a great film. It is evidently, apparently fictional, characters being placed into some invented reality. They do not even look as humans (well, at least some of them). So in this case "any coincidence with any real person or event is entirely unintentional" in the purest possible way.

Not the case with the "Child 44". And for me this trailer shows it perfectly.

Well, I have not read the novel, and I doubt I missed something great. I do doubt Tom Rob Smith was a good student of sovietology and history of the USSR.

The Wikipedia says:
In addition to highlighting the problem of Soviet-era criminality in a state where "there is no crime", the novel explores the paranoia of the age, the education system, the secret police apparatus, orphanages, homosexuality in the USSR, and mental hospitals.
That's enough to estimate the stuff as a tall tale. Or just bullshit, if you wish, even if it is a great thriller. It has nothing to do with the real USSR, even at that post-war late-Stalin age.

This time the bullshit is greatly visualized, though. Vladimir Lenin is supposed to have said "Cinema is the most important art for us." Well, he knew what a good propaganda was. And not only he.

Come on see the film. Make us Russians a little bit more dehumanized in your mind. Nothing special, it's always the same.

PS: By the way; why do all these 'Russians' in the movie speak that bad English?

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