Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Je Suis Volnovakha?

There are some places that can undoubtedly be called hell on Earth. One of such places is Ukraine, mostly its Eastern part, including two self-proclaimed repubics of Donetsk and Lugansk that call themselves Novorossiya.

Yesterday there was another tragedy there: explosion of something rpoduced plenty of splinters that killed, as per actual information, 12 people and wounded 17.

In no time (and it's not just a figure of speech — it really was done immediately — the Ukrainian side blamed "Russian terrorists" in this attack. No wonder: for the Ukrainian collective unconsious feeling Russia is guilty in every and all Ukrainian troubles, Russia in general and Putin personally.

A picture from a pro-Kiev, pro-maidan Facebook public account. They always know who's to blame.
Yet more surprising was the press briefing of Marie Harf that also took place almost immediately after the killing. She said, in particular:
... we condemn continued attacks by separatists as they attempt to control additional territory in violation of the Minsk agreements. Today’s vicious and repeated attacks on the Donetsk Airport and the shelling of a bus that killed 10 people and wounded 13 are just the latest egregious violations of the commitments made by the Russia-backed separatists...
The bold font is mine.

Well, there is a long story behind the very word "separatists"; it was the new Kiev regime who made separatists of people, who just wanted Ukraine to become a federal state, by its stupid internal policies and started a civil war, desperately trying to convince the world of a Russian aggression.

During this civil war the Donetsk airport became one of the hottest spots. But how on Earth could Marie Harf know, just a couple hours later, that "Russian-backed separatists" were to blame in this cruel killing? The exact number of victims was not known yet; but it looks like there was no necessity in knowing exact information having a strong unquestionable prejudice of Russian guilt.

No investigation was conducted at all, evidences were mixed und unreliable, yet the one to blame was found immediately (maybe, in advance?). Isn't it a bit strange looking?

I know that warfare in general is always accompanied by more or less cruelty and atrocities and war crimes. Various sad accidents are possible at war, including "friendly fire", unintended deaths, etc.

However, as for investigation, so far I remember since the times when the Roman law was really Roman, one of the most important tasks was to discover cui prodest, that is for whom the deed is profitable.

And thinking about this tragedy from this point of view you inevitavly come to a conclusion it brought absolutely no profit to Novorossiya from any possible viewpoint; and it was absolutely profitable for Kiev regime — and for those who backed and supported the Ukrainian coup d'état or maidan (hypocritically called Revolution of Dignity), and encouraged Kiev to unleash a campaign of true, real state terrorism over those who were brave enough to oppose the regime.

If you want to stop war in Donbass effectively, stop Poroshenko now and forever, do not let Ukraine turn into a medieval state with radically nationalistic (Nazi) Bandera ideology. A huge part of Ukraine is already kind of Syria in Europe; is the next stage Libya?

Cui prodest?

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