Friday, January 09, 2015

Khodorkovsky Is Dead

Well, not literally. However, he is definitely dead as a political figure of (or for) Russia.

Quite a while ago Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a former Communist Youth Union functionary, was one of the reachest post-Soviet nouveau-riches in our country. Then he tried his luck as a politician, and finally got a 10-year sentence; many thought (and said) his trial was totally biased, and it was a Putin's triumph over his political opponent and possible competitor in running for presidency of Russia.

Many people (and I personally know some) — absolutely seriously — considered him as a potential future President of Russia, and were happy when he, having emigrated to Switzerland, turned back to politics, using mostly modern media and social networks.

However, yesterday, after the terroristic attack in Paris, he stated in his Twitter:

If journalists are a respectable community, no media publication should appear tomorrow without a caricature of the prophet [i.e., Muhammad].
Just for your information: in Russia, Islam is professed by 15 to 20+ million people.

So in Russia the real political game is over for Khodorkovsky forever.

I just cannot understand why did he say this BS; he surely isn't an idiot.

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