Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There Is Hell on Earth

It is brought to the land of Ukraine by those who supported the coup d'état in Kiev; and now Kiev delivers it to the Eastern part of the country, to people who do not want to live together with Banderist neoNazi's.

They killed Vanya's stepfather and youner brother Timofey of 5. The rest of splinters destroyed Vanya's both feet, right hand, and one eye (the sight ability of the second one is doubtful now).

Last summer of Vanya being healthy and with his younger brother alive.
Millions were out on the street, declaring "Je suis Charlie" in remembrance of Charlie Hebdo caricaturists killed in Paris. It was a terrific terrorist attack, indeed. There were big figures walking in Paris, including Poroshenko.

Yet who cares of Dnobass people? Who is disturbed by sufferings of Vanya and many of his compatriots of all ages?

It looks like people are selectively caring. It looks like some lives matter more than other lives. I hate this bullshit.

#яВаня #IamVanya #ichbinWanja #jesuisVania #ikbenWanja

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