Saturday, January 03, 2015

Will a New TV Channel Defend the World from Russian Propaganda?

Ben Smith of BuzzFeed reports "The EU is plotting a new TV channel to counter Russian propaganda".
European Union leaders are considering creating a new Russian-language television channel aimed at combating Russian propaganda, an EU foreign minister said in an interview with BuzzFeed News.
“Russian TV, particularly for the last couple of years, has been very aggressive in what can no longer be considered normal news or normal journalism, but is more information warfare and propaganda,” the foreign minister of Latvia, Edgars Rinkēvičs, said.
Wake up and look, people! For decades the Voice of America, Freedom/Free Europe, Die Deutsche Welle fought against the Soviet propaganda. The socialist system of the world collapsed, the very Soviet Union disintegrated, yet the information war was not ceased even for a little while.

It goes on and on. For most people it has become evident that in fact it has never been anti-Soviet; it has always been and remains anti-Russian. As it was way before the October Revolution, so it was during the USSR epoch, so it is now. The states of the golden billion just hate Russia for its being great, huge, wealthy and, that is absolutely intolerable, self-standing again.

However, it seems as well that many consumers of the information flood are just sick and tired of that consistent and traditional russophobic, anti-Russian wave of information skillfully mixed with disinformation. Whether they call it "normal journalism" or not.

I wonder if big guys sometimes recognize that is the reason of overwhelming increase of RT popularity round the world. People just would like to know other opinions and think different. They are overfed with boring tales of evil Russia, vodka, bears and Putin's tyranny threatening the free world.

Western world has succeeded in bringing up a society of consumerism; well, now well trained, skillful consumers are eager to consume various information from different sources. No new TV channel will change this.

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