Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Who Is to Blame For Terrorist Attack in Paris?

Terrorist war has bloody reached Paris.

President Hollande said wise words about "exceptional barbarity", Europe, democracy, tolerance...

Yet everything has its limits. So should have even those sacred cows, I mean democracy and tolerance. Europe has pretty a long history of playing dirty games alone and more often under the guidance of the USA. Libya, Iraq, Syria... Air strikes, destruction of states, deaths, deaths, deaths...

May those killed in Paris rest in peace, yet it looks like Europe has brought up its horror with its own hands.

Come on listening to Obama further. Biggest threats to the world are Ebola and Putin?

So who is to blame for this particular wave of terror and blood?

Putin? Will there be more sanctions against Russia?

Bashar Assad? Will Syria be bombed again?

What does European sense of democracy and tolerance say?

... and Hades followed Europe...

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